OFFICAL OPENING DATE: Wednesday, September 9th


As of 9/3/20, New York State has lifted the ban on "under the mask" services! Facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, lip/chin waxing and various other treatments are now available! To schedule you can call/text 518-618-8000 or scroll to the bottom of this page to submit an appointment request.


Before scheduling, please read all of the information below regarding new rules/regulations throughout our building:


*As always, all equipment used during treatments will be throughly disinfected and all implements used will be fully disinfected and sterilized in the UV sterilizer

*All Estheticians must provide a negative Covid-19 test taken after the date of 9/3/20. I took my test on 9/5 and received my negative results on 9/7. Proof can be provided upon request. 

*A face mask AND face sheild will be worn



*Masks MUST be worn throughout the building until you are on the treatment bed. If you accidentally forget your mask, one can be provided for you. 

*To keep our building at 50% capacity, please come alone to your appointments. If this is impossible, let me know and we will figure something out. 


*When you arrive, remain in your car and text/call 518-618-8000 to let me know and I will come out to get you when everything is ready.  

*As soon as you enter the building you will need to sign in/sign out providing your name, phone number and recorded temperature. (thermometer provided)

*Ask for assistance with all items for sale throughout the building, please don't touch! 

*Our water/tea station is currently unavailable, but we have water bottles available upon request. 


*Restrooms will be available and disinfected after each use.