Body Wraps and Scrubs

body wrap.jpg

Seaweed Wrap:

Detoxify your skin in a cozy cocoon with this relaxing body wrap. Seaweed gel aids in skin toning and hydration while the wrap itself will help you sweat out harmful toxins in your body. Once you are unwrapped, this treatment ends with a 30 minute bath with your choice of bubbles or bath salts!

$60 / treatment 

Champagne-Rose Body Scrub:

Leave your appointment  feeling soft and smooth as ever with these body scrubs that will cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate you're entire body. After you are fully massaged with the champagne rose body scrub, it will be soaked off along with all of your dead skin cells in a 15 minute soak in our tub room. Lastly, we will apply a champagne-rose buttercream to promote cell turnover and keep your skin irresistibly smooth. 

$60 / treatment 

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Cocoa Body Scrub:

Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin all while enjoying the delicious aromas of this cocoa scrub! After you're body is fully exfoliated, you will soak in our tub room for 15 minutes to rid of excess scrub and dead skin cells. The treatment will end with a cocoa buttercream to maintain maximum hydration. 

$65 / treatment 

Back Facial:

Just a facial for your back! If you struggle with back acne, this is a great treatment for you. During this treatment you're whole back will be deeply cleansed with a rotating brush, manually exfoliated, extracted and finished with a mask to promote cell turnover and keep your skin as clean and smooth as it can be. 

$55 / treatment 

Add a Chemical Enzyme Exfoliant:

$65 / treatment