Facials for Every Skin Type

Customized Facial:                                        

Since everyone's skin is different, rejuvenate your skin and boost your confidence with this sixty minute facial designed just for you using Tuél products chosen specifically for your skin type and personal skin care goals. This facial includes a cleansing of your face and décolleté, manual exfoliation, extractions, three different massages and concludes with a mask to achieve noticeable results. 

$80 / treatment


Acne Facial:

Detox your skin with this hour long facial using high concentrated products targeting unsightly blemishes and unnecessary oils straight from the root. This treatment includes multiple serums, electricity and a salicylic/lactic acid peel to reduce the appearance of acne and pre-existing scars.

$110 / treatment

Anti-Aging Facial:

After this treatment you can expect to leave feeling youthful and confident as ever! You will be treated with endless results-driven products created specifically for mature skin. Using different serums, creams, electricity and a Glycolic acid peel will promote cell turnover and reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Rewind time with this hour long facial!

$110 / treatment

Mini Facial:

Let's get to the point! This facial includes almost all of the main components of a customized facial to accomplish all of your skin care goals in just half the time.

$45 / treatment 

Add Ons for any Facial:

Chemical Peel: $25

Parrafin Mask: $20

Dermaplaning: $30

Retinol Treatment: $15

Lip + Brow Wax: $15